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Vocab Answers - Level E Unit 1 Answers Completing the Sentence 1. bereft 2. stolid 3. warily 4. intimation 5. deploys 6. reiterate 7. insidious 8. verbatim 9. dour 10. ambidextrous 11. unkempt 12. gaped 13. opulent 14. adulterated 15. fortitude 16. augment 17. pliable 18. guise 19. gibes 20. tentative Synonyms/Antonyms 1. bereft 2. dour 3 ...

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Apple Theme/Unit. Welcome to Teaching Heart's Apple Unit. Grab a basket and start picking some ideas for your theme on apples. An apple unit is a great way to start the school year. Below you will find my favorite ideas, poems, printables, & other great apple sites.

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Write the simple subject for each sentence in the second text area. SEE MORE : 9. Planting Sentences. Click Image to Enlarge : Read the sentence at the bottom and select the sign that best describes the sentence: complete sentence, sentence fragment or run-on sentence. SEE MORE : 10. Quiz: Parts of Speech #2. Click Image to Enlarge

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