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Because so many wild animals need our help right now, our Board of Directors and President’s Circle have made an emergency decision to increase our 3x match to a 4x MATCH. I’m also pleased to announce that our Restore America’s Wildlife match funding has been INCREASED to $250,000 through December 31st!

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Sea turtles, because of their anatomy, cannot vomit out the plastic. If the plastic does not come out the other end of the sea turtle, it blocks up the digestive system. The food inside the sea turtle then starts to rot, releasing gases which causes the sea turtle float. The result is called "floating syndrome".

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Apr 13, 2017 · But now more than ever, human activities are testing their ability to survive. Today, nearly all species of sea turtles are endangered as a result of habitat destruction, climate change, poaching ... The Pacific green sea turtle is called honu, while the Pacific hawksbill sea turtle is called ea or honu'ea. Resources: Plants and Animals of Hawaii by Susan Scott and The Macmillan Illustrated Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals by Dougal Dixon, et al. (Ed.).

A Day in the Life: Sea Animals: Sea Turtles – The sea turtle is a large, heavy creature that is amazingly graceful underwater, though cumbersome on land. Sea Turtles – Did you know that sea turtles can live to be 100 years old or that they can migrate up to 2,800 miles from their birthplace? Teaching Resources This is such a fun idea! See all activities Save. ... Snorkel with Green Sea Turtles on Kauai's South Shore. By Kauai Sea Rider Adventures. Price was undefined, price is now $125 $125. per adult.